3M™ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are thin, lightweight, flexible, foldable and have an extremely tight bend radius with minimal to no impact on signal integrity and performance in high-speed/high-signal density applications.

Internal: MiniSAS, HD MiniSAS, SAS, SATA, PCIe
External: SFP+, QSFP+, SFP28, QSFP28. Y and x4 breakout configurations, custom, folded/taped.
Connectors: I/O: MDR/SDR/SCR/DSub/IEEE-1394, Storage: SAS/MiniSAS/SATA, Memory: CF/C-Fast, Backplane, IC Sockets, Test/Burn-In Sockets and large selection of Wire to Board and Board to Board.
Cable: Twin Axial, Controlled Impedance, Twisted Pair, Shielded, FRC, HF, Bulk and more.